Corrosion Management

Corrosion of fasteners is caused by salty ocean spray evaporation, acid rain, sunlight UV, and moist areas. Corrosion dramatically affects the performance of fasteners over their lifetime, subsequently affecting the long-term structural integrity of any constitution.

Protective coatings placed on fasteners provide various levels of protection. The Australian Standard for fastener performance (AS 3566.2, 2002), in which Ocean-Pro played a major role in the development, currently lists four classes for corrosion coatings.

Ocean Fastrade Sdn. Bhd. has partnered with international fastener coatings specialists to provide Extra Performance coating systems for our customers. 

Class 1

For general internal use, most drywall and chipboard screws are in this category.

Self-drillers are designed for general internal use with light gauge steel framing members to heavy steel sections where significant levels of condensation occur.

Class 2

Class 3

The entire surface of Ocean-Pro CLASS 3 self-driller basecoat is mechanically
galvanized with a minimum of 25 microns thick of zinc-tin alloy which conforms to Australian Standard (AS 3566.2, 2002). Class 3 coating system outperforms all other existing electro-plating. 

Class 3 coating selfdriller are proprietary corrosion resistant fasteners. The class is ideal for general external use in coastal and other regions where corrosion is a concern. It offers a high degree of corrosion resistance that exceeds 1,000/hrs of salt spray resistance. Therefore, the class is intended for roofing and cladding screws in standard applications. In the case of heavy zinc coatings, 40μm is deemed to comply. Alloy plating of ZINC/TIN 25μm is equivalent to heavy zinc at 40μm.

For external use in moderate and severe marine environments, classified in accordance with ISO 9223 as generally between 100m from the beachfront to approximately 300m inland. Ocean-Pro SUS 304 stainless steel cap self-drilling screw complies with this class. 

Ocean-Pro Extra Performance self-drilling screws with SUS 304 stainless steel head caps are the best solution to corrosion problems for our customers. Ocean-Pro self-drilling screws combine
with a SUS 304 stainless steel cap which maximizes the sealing and corrosion
protection. While the installation will often get scratched on the screw head making the screw got rust, a stainless steel cap protects the screw head from scratch which will have no more stain for the lifetime of the fasteners.

Class 4

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