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Ocean Fastrade Sdn. Bhd. is a professional fastener supplier supplying our brand products “Ocean-Pro” with the best quality. The company is located in Kepong Industrial Zone, Kuala Lumpur. It is committed to providing high-efficiency and quality guaranteed products and services. The company implements a diversified sales model which includes onlinem offlinem and brand agents to provide information and quality goals.

The company has expanded its product variety which includes rooding fasteners, anchoring systems, shear studs, formwork systems, and accessories in recent years. Besides, it is also providing construction service for customers such as roofing installations, floor decks, and shear stud welding services. It is committed to improving the “Ocean-Pro” brand image and continues to provide reliable solutions to our valuable customers.


Ocean's mission is to provide excellent services, quality products, honest business practices, and on-time delivery to satisfy our customers' needs and wants.


Ocean's vision is to focus on the continuous development and growth of the company to be the most successful fastener supplier in the industry.


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